The keyboard is the final so-far step in the evolution of IBM desktop keyboards. The color is sometimes described as gray, but we think it looks more like military olive drab. Sometimes the larger keys, such as the Enter or Shift keys appear to be stuck. For some reason these people could not easily find or take the time to find a simple flat cardboard box. The first-generation Dell Quiet Keys get a lot of attention, but these early IBM domes such as and are just as good and surprisingly well-built. The keyboard is as well constructed as , but it is intended for environments where noise control is an issue libraries, quiet offices, shared cubicles , etc.. Sign in for more lists.

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Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. IBM model M keyboards are unique in that each one is ihm labeled with a serial number and the “date of birth” is printed on the back.

Most people reading this specialist buyer’s guide are computer savvy and should know that it doesn’t take too many brain cells to hook up a keyboard to a computer and to verify that it works before selling it. Despite being aware of modern-day mechanical keyboards, and their merits, for several years now, I never owned on, and until recently never tried using one on a regular basis.


IBM KB Keyboard – REV B03 – FRU 02K – PN 02K – Black – REFURBISHED | eBay

While it appears identical and shares same physical dimensions to a “traditional IBM model M”, this keyboard uses “rubber dome” key iibm and it does not have buckling springs.

Some may find it too mushy, but for me it is just perfect and not too hard on my fingertips even I hammer on it hard and fast.


The Democrats said bigger, the Republicans said smaller. Show More Show Less. To them, a keyboard is just another part that happened to come off a trailer truck of used computers. Add to ibmm list Remove from watch list. As far as I know, it looks and feels exactly the same as the individual products with the exception of one difference mentioned below. Plastics are durable, but can be cracked. The keyboard lbm has a 2-port USB hub, however it is of very-limited use.

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There are 6 items available. In addition, inside each model M keyboard is a steel curved plate for durability while providing a slight ergonomic curved angle for typing.

This is a small touch that can be useful for inexperienced PC users learning their way around. Did you miss your activation email? Not sure I can find anything to be honest. As such, it does not have the tactile feel or “click” noise as in other keyboards of this series.

When we sell and ship lb-7953 keyboards, we are careful to either wrap each keyboard in sufficient bubble-wrap or use heavy-duty 3 mm plastic to seal and encase each keyboard, and then use additional bubble-wrap or styrofoam packaging peanuts to help insure that item is not damaged during transit. The truth is out there! IBM model M2 or Ib, keyboard without mechanical “buckling springs” part 71G You are commenting using your Twitter account. You may want to clean the space bar and Shift keys and other large keys separately by hand, as it is important to avoid water from contacting the buckling-spring mechanism.

It is not difficult to clean the keyboard, as the key caps are removable and the keyboard upper and lower frame assemblies bim both made of durable plastics. Some examples of broken model M keyboards include one from a previous user who had put the entire keyboard ib-7953 the dishwasher because he read it somewhere on the Internet and did not properly dry or remove all the water inside the keyboard, and moisture and soap corrupted the electrical contacts.


Back to home page Return to top. Buyer must return item in ,b-7953 shipping condition in order to receive credit or replacement. The vintage IBM keyboard has detachable or removable key covers which are easy to remove for cleaning lb-7953 may become lost during storage or transit.

We dislike dealing with people who try to defraud the system to save a few pennies. Afterwards, the cleaned keys will come out looking brand new all the dust and oils are now removed.

Vintage IBM Kb-7953 Wired Mechanical Keyboard Ps/2 Tested 02KD805

We try to refurbish and recycle as many model M keyboards as practicable. Keyboards come as you see with the cable you see pictured. Like an old keyboard I had, and didn’t want to set up a wireless. kv-7953

Among all the keyboards in this round-up, this is the one with which I have had the most experience, by far so this part of the review is much longer than the others. The first-generation Dell Quiet Keys get a lot of attention, but these early IBM domes such as and are just as good and surprisingly well-built.