Did your DM come with drivers? Post 48 of I have only ever successfully managed to get the 96khz light lit up when playing Audio DVDs connected from my blu ray player to the DAC, by messing with the output settings on the blu ray player. That is why I said in post no. I purchased the DM from Audio Advisor about a month ago and have been extremely pleased with it. USB implementation also means high-resolution digital audio files stored on a computer can be shared with a Hi-fi for a level of sound quality far in excess of CD. Post 51 of

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What Hi-Fi?

But then again I have very few tracks at a higher-thankHz rate frankly couldn’t hear the benefit vs. Yes, my password is: It will report back if it’s current, or update it. Apr 12, at 1: Problem outputting 96khz music to DAC, always shows as Its notable that even though the uses the same chip as the Rega DAC it does not sound similar – the Rega is known for its warmer, bassier sound.

Apr 11, at 2: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Manufacturer: The only practical limit is 010 96kHz sampling rate maximum on optical, if you use something like BitPerfect to switch them on the fly to match the source.

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This is normally a feature found on professional audio kit where it is used to disconnect the ground in a balanced connection. I don’t have much to compare it to as it is my first DAC. I submitted a 5 star review for the product, but AA for one reason or another not approved what I had to say about it. Check this-Did you actually install the DM drivers? Apr 11, at 7: Enter dacmsgic zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.


DacMagic 100 Impressions

With components as close in performance as these it 100 not really possible to ascribe differences accurately to a single part of the signal chain. Apr 11, at 9: So, I’m a bit back to square 1, with cambrixge DAC recognising 96khz files when receiving them from my Blu Ray player on a disc, but not when receiving the same files from my laptop in iTunes even if I play the same Audio DVD disc through my laptop that shows as 96khz when played from my blu ray player.

Post 46 of But it did mean that the direct comparisons had to be made without using the USB inputs although I saw no reason to think these would be significantly different from the other inputs. I just acquired a dacmagic Very nice little device. Yes, as one who actually owns a DacMagic Plus I am aware of the obvious difference that you felt obliged to point out. Post 54 of Thank you for understanding. Sound Quality The sound was very similar to the bigger unit and not far off the reference Marantz unit.


This is the same chip as used in the Rega DAC although the Rega uses two of them in a parallel configuration. I have only ever successfully managed to get the 96khz light lit up when playing Audio DVDs connected from my blu ray player to the DAC, by messing with the output settings on the blu ray player.

I posted a comment on the Angel review where in the testing I had one that the USB connector from my MacBook Pro sounded much better than via the Optical out of the AppleTV, like a layer of cotton wool had been removed.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic reviews. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

What dacmagid often lack is a high end converter when decoding audio signals. As an experiment I played one of the hi res files through Foobar, and I can see at the bottom that it’s recognising it as a 96khz file, but it’s still only getting to the DAC at See any errors on this page?

The Cambridge DACs are not known for their bass performance and although it was not a weighty sounding device the was perfectly acceptable in that respect. Post 49 of No, create an account now.