This phone is raddd x] sound quality is better than that of the Ki’s. Dimensions Height x Width x Depth: Small, agile and adjustable, the C Webcam brings a whole new angle to video calling, making you look and sound like a pro. Signal reception is awesome, Sound reproduction is awesome Great Job Ericsson. Video is of lesser quality QVGA than the still camera but it’s still pretty good, with motion blur noticeably less than most other cameraphones we’ve tried. Presenters Spotlight All Presenters. This is perhaps one of the best valued phones made by Sony Ericsson after Ericsson stopped went for a joint venture with sony 8 years ago Remind you, Ericsson is still making the pure communication hardware.

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Sony Ericsson’s deal with Blogger means you can immediately create and upload your pics to your blog.

It’s got a great camera too though it’s a shame its abilities are reduced by an inferior flash and a smaller screen than we’d have expected. Basic music player The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential. But a quick look at the C gives the impression that it’s gone back to basics with a straight-ahead candy bar style handset.

Thanks for that, just i wasn’t too sure. Software, Bling-bling accessories, software made by Sony. For instance, the titchy key layout of the K and other handsets appears to have been abandoned in favour of a more conventional arrangement.


Sony Ericsson C | TechRadar

I am an avid user of Nokia’s and this is a first in a long time for me and so far I had been very pleased. Check ur cam drive sample beet But i would say to anyone looking at the fone to buy it, it’s a cracking wee fone. Just got this phone last Saturday 30Aug We also found it a wee bit too quick to accept our selections — pause for a millisecond while you’re running through the options and you’ll have to go through the process again.

No problems with it out of the box. This phone is complete Dimensions Height x Width x Depth: Total of user reviews and opinions for Sony Ericsson C Our Verdict A no-nonsense slimline candy bar handset with a great camera including slide system and touch screen menu.

But start using it and it feels like coming home — everything is where it should be, and it’s a simple pleasure to handle and use.

Sony Ericsson has proved itself to be no slouch when it comes to developing innovative handsets in the past. So who’s the best!!!!!

The headphones too aren’t quite on a par as the Walkman ‘phones but they’re still better than many supplied camphone ‘phones, with decent dynamic range, and a fair degree of bass.

Visit your preferred video calling solution provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements. It’s got the usual multishot cqm of course, including the rather marvellous BestPic option, which allows you to take four pictures after and four pictures before you press the shutter.

Works great, love the camera altough i do miss the zenon flash, nice sound quality when listening to music, battery time gest then expected and a clean and stylish designe. Camera features Face detection is now on the agenda, which means the camera will find and focus on a central face in the frame, plus there’s red eye reduction and an image stabiliser on board.


Psalmuel, 02 Mar which is better g and c With this change the flash reaches 3 meters!

I asked for the Ki but the seller told us that they kind of discontinued making such. On my old Sony Ericsson Vi i can play h video in. Be seen in amazing clarity and detail thanks to the full HD glass lens and premium autofocus. Highly attractive mobile phone The C makes a virtue of its rather plain appearance by being very easy to use and packing in loads of features without appearing to shout about them.

Nokia has invested cqm company with new array camera technology.

Modded camera driver for SE C902 by paparazy (1.2p version fix bugs)

Modded camera driver cqm SE C by paparazy 1. Fitted with two microphones, one on either side of the camera, the C Pro Webcam is able to capture more realistic sound from every angle, so that your voice comes through sounding natural and clear. When you add new camera drivers to your phone does it override the original or do you have to delete the original??