Geometry parameters for GEMs located in domes are defined at the following link: Already have an account? In the end I re-parked the LX and powered it down. It might be helfpul to uncheck the ‘Can Park’ option in advanced capabilities settings in POTH, but this might have the consquence that is stops option a from working. By the way I have a Pi arriving tomorrow and am looking forward to firing it up for some as yet unknown astro projects. This provides for programmatic control over slaving the Dome to a telescope.

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It also gives access to some POTH behavior:. Which it did just fine. A log file is created in the directory which POTH. Every time, the slot ends up in font of the scope. Calibration progress bar then should the calibraton getting so far and then seeming stop and not go any further. To view links opth images in signatures your post count must be 5 or greater.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. However the program then started having problems when connecting to ZWO ASIMC camera when starting, producing new error messages and no picture from the camera. Already have an account? From then on POTH will stay in sync.


POTH Information

MetaGuide didn’t worked properly during the S session on Thanks again for the help! Buying SGP is part of this new start. I set it up with the same mount dimensions that I used for AstroMC. You currently have 0 signatures. The star become to faint to reliably monitor towards the end of the run due to falling sky transparency. My Astronomy Blog To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 5 or greater. As part of trialling the autoguiding of the 12″ LXR main scope using piggy-backed TS 80mm APO scope, some framing images taken using the STXME camera on poh main scope showed uneven illumination, involving a darkened centre surrounded by a relatively lighter outside region.

David’s Astronomy – Notes (S)

The opth goes to the coordinates, and the dome slews simultaneously. SGP is not a hub itself. In recent sessions I’ve been powering up the 12″ LX scope whilst the observatory roof is still on.

All modules will send commands to my mount. Hub is somewhat degraded. It presumably then passively waits for someone to tell it where to go. Geometry parameters for GEMs located in domes are defined at the following link: The [Setup] buttons near each chooser will bring up the setup dialogs for the selected driver. TeleAPI configuration picture from http: By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.


I am leaving this detail in case someone in the future has the same problem and stumbles into this thread.

This was solved by downloading the latest Beta version of MetaGuide Vn 5. That generated the error! See the Correcting for Problems also in the menu on the left.

During the S session on it was noted that when a ‘Park Scope’ command was issued from my VB. Automatic pier flip is never triggered by POTH. The initial lost connection was probably just a glitch on the laptop side which a Windows restart may have sorted out. This is a bit annoying, ascoom didn’t know of any other option.

Calibrated using much longer calibration steps than previous session ie ms instead of ms – Calibration later complained that steps were few in number and that calibration might be inaccurate but PHD2 decides itself the number of steps to make!